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the Mediterranean Citizens' Assembly


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Second Mediterranean Assembly Meeting in Tunis, December 1 to 4, 2011

Mediterranean Citizens Assembly , 4 December 2011

The citizen dynamics, which will necessarily maintain itself over time, underline once more the community of destiny that unites the citizens of the North, the South and the East of the Mediterranean. Through their diversity, they are reviving the real and promising meanings of democracy and citizenship. + read more


Solidarity with the People of Tunisia and Egypt

Coordination de l’Assemblée Méditerranéenne , 6 March 2011

The Coordination and the Advisory Council of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly (MCA), the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly (mca) expresses its solidarity with the peoples of Tunisia and Egypt in their fight for freedom, democracy and social justice + read more




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Main dates and meetings planned in the Mediterranean Assembly for 2009-2010

Francois Soulard , 8 February 2009

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